#1 products i wished i believed in…loreal elvive extraordinary oil hair enhancer 

So lets kick off the series! 

Okay so i bought this hair serum/oil thinking omg its loreal and its extraordinary; wow it sounds magical and amazing. 

I think i spent around £6 on it which was quite expensive when i compared it to others in the ale like VO5 etc. 

More over, i have to say the packaging is amazing , beautiful glass bottle , the oil smells so good. So whats wrong with it? 

THE OIL… This product makes my hair so greasy! Like omg i put the tiniest bit on my hands, rub them together and put it on the ends of my hair and seriously the next day my hair feels greasy and heavy.

I wanted something that will keep my hair silky , smooth, healthy and non frizzy. Also NOT greasy!

 I dont believe this product has bought any benefits to my life even though it claims to be weightless and perfect! I use it after i have washed my hair however i am going to try it as an over night treatment to see if it makes a difference and i will let you know how i get on! 
Sorry loreal! Also i have to say the shampoo and conditioners in that range are also rubbish and do nothing 😦 head and shoulders all the way!! 

So guys if you know any great hair products please let me know cause am on the hunt! 


I am back with a new series – “products i wish i believed in”

hello beauties

Its nice being on here.. I have been tremdously busy, nevertheless i have recently bought so many products which i NEED to share with you guys.
I love reading the packaging when something tells me its going to be amazing , however when i get home i discover its a bag of shit, i get pissed . So in my next few posts i will be talking about products that have seriously failed on me. So you dont make the mistake of buying them!!