It’s official , yes I have finally done it. After a lot of courage , I finally found the will to let go of my long curly hair and what a massive weight off my shoulders it is!

They say when a girl cuts their hair, it’s a sign that they are making changes in their life. For ages , I have been feeling down and negative , I just thought I needed to make some turn arounds. Having short hair, makes me feel like a brand new person , I feel excited and happy, as my mop hair isn’t dragging me down.  My hair is so thick and bouncy , I feel so uplifted and confident.

when I was at the hairdressers , I said I just wanted that in-between length but she convinced me to go all the way! It was the best decision I have made and I would totally recommend it.

So go make that change, get the chop haha!

Loves xoxo