#1 products i wished i believed in…loreal elvive extraordinary oil hair enhancer 

So lets kick off the series! 

Okay so i bought this hair serum/oil thinking omg its loreal and its extraordinary; wow it sounds magical and amazing. 

I think i spent around £6 on it which was quite expensive when i compared it to others in the ale like VO5 etc. 

More over, i have to say the packaging is amazing , beautiful glass bottle , the oil smells so good. So whats wrong with it? 

THE OIL… This product makes my hair so greasy! Like omg i put the tiniest bit on my hands, rub them together and put it on the ends of my hair and seriously the next day my hair feels greasy and heavy.

I wanted something that will keep my hair silky , smooth, healthy and non frizzy. Also NOT greasy!

 I dont believe this product has bought any benefits to my life even though it claims to be weightless and perfect! I use it after i have washed my hair however i am going to try it as an over night treatment to see if it makes a difference and i will let you know how i get on! 
Sorry loreal! Also i have to say the shampoo and conditioners in that range are also rubbish and do nothing 😦 head and shoulders all the way!! 

So guys if you know any great hair products please let me know cause am on the hunt! 


I am back with a new series – “products i wish i believed in”

hello beauties

Its nice being on here.. I have been tremdously busy, nevertheless i have recently bought so many products which i NEED to share with you guys.
I love reading the packaging when something tells me its going to be amazing , however when i get home i discover its a bag of shit, i get pissed . So in my next few posts i will be talking about products that have seriously failed on me. So you dont make the mistake of buying them!! 

Bigger, brighter and whiter eyes..


The obession of having big black thick rims around our eyes is soon changing, people have started to go for the “awake look”. This is simply by applying white eyeliner on your lower lash water line and the inner corner of your eye. This really highlights the area, making it look bigger than before. The art of illusion.  The first time you apply it , it will look kind of strange as it takes a while to adjust to. I decided to go out and buy a cheap one. 

So here is my review on make up revolution ” amazing inner eye brightener”. I have to say, it is far from amazing , infact I am extremely disapointed. When I first tested it on my hand the colour looked perfect and creamy. However, when I applied this to my lower water line, the colour clings to my lower lashes and this has provided difficult to remove. Also the colour, doesnt stay on the water line and disapears in less than half anhour. Although, it does decide to stay on my lashes, giving a rather messy look. It was not worth the £2.50 and when I opened it earlier a chuck of the crayon fell off!! Not cool..  I would suggest buying a good water proof pencil as the pay off and pigments will last longer. If anyone knows any please feel free to suggest!   Loves xoxo 


Who doesn’t <3 Chanel!?


I am inlove with Chanel make up at the moment! Espeically the soleil tan de chanel bronzing make up  base. It is so mulit- functional! I purchased this from duty free at Dubai airport. The lady told me that it would change my life ; it really has haha. This is brilliant for contouring, an overall base with or without foundation. The texture is so smooth and creamy, so blendable. Its great for building up layers too. You get a good amout of product, I can see this lasting me ages. Definitely worth the buy!

Also , another recommender is the all in one healthy glow fluid by Chanel , this is amazing!!! I LOVE this for a highlighter  on the cheek bone, it has a beautiful shine. Also, to put all other the face as a tint will look so  fabulous in the summer. It really does get your skin glowing in a good way ; without looking greasy or too shiny. The shimmer is just right.

loves xoxo